Site repaired

Hi friends,

I just wanted to tell you that the website was hacked and that I had to repair it. You can now all safely enjoy the website again. Enjoy!

Jeroen Diederen - aka Linuxopjemac

forums up

The forums are back online!

MintPPC 11 released

I was annoyed by the fact that the Debian Wheezy installer did not work and that it took so long to fix this problem. So I hacked the installation process myself and the result is that MintPPC 11 is installable now. MintPPC 11 is based on Debian 7.0 (Wheezy) and Linux Mint LXDE 11 (Katya). One has to bear in mind that Wheezy is the testing version of Debian and as such, not all things might work as smooth as Debian Squeeze, on which MintPPC 9 is based. Enjoy.

Installation instructions:

Youtube finally works

This is something I wanted to make public a long time ago, but it never really happened, until this day. I just installed the new build of Iceweasel 6 on my Pismo and to my surprise I saw a video on a local Dutch website here. Although too slow, it showed that video was possible. So I headed upstairs to my development box, which is a G4 MDD with a more powerful Radeon 9000 pro card in it. To my surprise that video played well. So, then I thought: let's go for Youtube!

New installer MintPPC 9.3

I am very proud to present a new version of MintPPC 9, which can be installed easily with a Debian installation iso. The instructions how to install MintPPC 9.3 can be found here.

Serious problem

Hi all,

I demolished my third PowerBook Pismo two days ago as I had to swap disks too many times (broken hard disk controller?). I don't have any PPC machine left to continue my work on MintPPC. I am looking for some volunteers to pay a donation to me so I can buy a seond hand G4 desktop. I am happy with 100 euro in total. Once I have the money I can buy the new machine and continue working on MintPPC 11.

Thanks for your understanding.

Jeroen Diederen aka Linuxopjemac

An update about the donations, the following persons gave something to this project:

Work on new version has started

I started working on a new version of MintPPC, which will be based on Linux Mint LXDE 11 on top of Debian Wheezy. I can tell you that the desktop is a pleasure for the eye. There are a lot of new details, which make the overall desktop experience better than the existing MintPPC 9.

Update 29.07.2011:
I have a working alpha iso now. People afraid of the terminal can in the future install MintPPC from CD or USB stick.

Here is a little preview:

MintPPC also runs on G5

MintPPC 9.2 released

Tony and I are very happy to announce that an improved installer is released. After installing MintPPC 9.2, airport classic and airport extreme cards work out of the box. No more troubles anymore for newbies trying to get their wireless cards working. There is only a slight intervention from the user needed. See the installation instructions.

MintPPC 9.1 released

We are very proud to present an updated version of MintPPC 9. In this new version many improvements are introduced:

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