The 5 Digital Marketing Commandments.

Web 2.0 has made everyone digital marketing professionals, however there is much more than a tweet there and a share here that goes into getting your digital marketing right. Whether you run a small shop or a multinational business, digital marketing is no longer a choice, it is a necessity and you need to get it right if you’re going to stay afloat in today’s digitally driven world.

Here are 5 digital marketing commandments to follow and keep you right:

Thou Shalt Optimize Thy Website for SEO

The most important objective in your digital marketing strategy is to make sure your website is on page one. Maximum exposure is key to winning new business and reaching that number one spot on the SERPS will get you there. To gain that number one position however, you need to make sure your SEO game is on point. As a general guide, follow the basics of SEO. Make sure your website content is using the right keywords that you want to rank for, make sure the length of the content is above 350 words and make sure your H1’s, H3’s and H4’s are all being used appropriately. URL’s should be simple/shareable and make sure that your media is tagged correctly.

If you get the basics done correctly your website will naturally start to rank for the most popular keywords on your website, but seeing as though this is a cut throat digital world, you need to be a little bit more proactive with your SEO efforts. The most beneficial way to rise up through the SERPS is to increase you Domain Authority and Trust Flow. This is achieved by other websites vouching for you in the form of them embedding links in their website that points to yours. The more established the website is that is sharing your links, the higher value that link becomes and the stronger its effect has on your Authority. SEO should be at the heart of your digital strategy. Get the SEO right first, then focus on the rest.

Thou Shalt Utilise Social Media and Follow Current Trends

Social Media is arguably the most influential tool for businesses but you have to be in it to win it. Having a Facebook page and plastering it with adverts about you products just isn’t going to hack it anymore. You need to use social media as a conversation tool. Get to know your customers through it and let your customers get to know your business through it. It’s called SOCIAL Media for a reason, so get social. If it was designed to be a billboard they would have called it something else. Most of your customers are on social media more than any other internet application so make sure your business is there too. Be careful though, one of the biggest mistakes businesses make is treating all social platforms the same. Facebook is very different from Twitter in the way people use it and the way the platform operates, so make sure your communication is different too. Customise your communication to the platform it is to be posted on and you should be alright.

Thou Shalt Engage With Customers Regularly

Great, you have a base of customers who have used your business in the past, well done. Now what? You need to stay connected with your customers. To keep them coming back you need to give them a reason. Did they have a great experience the last time? If they did, remind them about it. Think your customers will like a new product or way of checking out? Tell them about it.

The easiest way to achieve all of this is to send your customers an email. Emails will educate and remind your customers about your business. Be careful though, customers can get annoyed with emails which could have a negative effect on your brand image, so instead of using a hard sell strategy with your emails, try a softer, friendly approach. Also only send emails out on a strategic basis. Sending daily emails will see your campaign end up in the spam folder faster than you can say oopsy daisies.

Top Tip: If you aren’t already, use Mail Chimp for the best free email services.

Thou Shalt Keep Thy Content Fresh

Keeping your online content updated is important for two reasons. Firstly, your customers want new information whether that be about your business offerings or other engaging content that they may be interested in. Secondly, Google likes it when you keep things fresh and new. Google is for the people and will rank websites higher when it deems a website is good for keeping customers informed with new and relevant information.

Look at ways you can add new content to your site. Possibly a blog or start a promotions page that gets updated daily, weekly or monthly. This way you customers have a reason to return to your website in the form of being updated on new material and Google will rank your site higher as it will see it being a source of updated information for consumers. This is a simple yet very important step in the grand scheme of digital marketing.

Thou Shalt Obey the Laws of Google

Google giveth and Google can easily taketh away. Google has a set of rules for SEO and other Digital Marketing activities. Seeing as though we are trying to rank in Google, that makes Google the judge, jury and executioner. One day you could be enjoying traffic form 1st page results and then the next day your website could be totally missing from the SERPS. But this should only happen if you’ve messed up and most likely intentionally done something that was against Google laws.

Make sure you are aware of the type of things that could get you executed form the Google results. Most of the time, if it feels like an easy way round something, it will most likely get you in trouble. Paying for links is an example of a big no no in the eyes of Google so do your research and see what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a SME selling load securing equipment or Microsoft, these commandments apply to everyone. Following these guidelines will result in a safe and strategic direction for your business to follow.

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