8 Digital Marketing Tips For Small Business

While it’s true digital marketing isn’t easy, it’s not some faceless monster that destroys small businesses either. Many businesses over complicate their digital marketing strategies to try and rival the big names at the top.

This is where many businesses make their first mistake a small tech company isn’t going to be able to rival Apple, is it? But that doesn’t mean your business can’t still succeed and grow through effective digital marketing either, you just need to go about it the right way.

So, what’s the secret to effective digital marketing for small businesses then? There is no one guaranteed way to ensure your digital marketing strategy is effective that’s just not how digital marketing works.

However, there are many ways you can better your odds of success! Digital marketing can be approached in many different ways after all and below the team at Summon Digital who are a full-service digital agency based in London have outlined 8 tips any small business can benefit from knowing when it comes to building their digital marketing strategy.

Focus On The Local Audience

The internet has given small businesses great reach and in a way, it’s levelled the playing field a little. However, while it might be tempting to see how big you can expand your businesses reach and appeal to international audiences you’d be making a big mistake by ignoring your local supporters.

With the majority of small businesses, your local audience is your key to getting through those tough first few years. So, don’t forget about them use local keywords in your SEO so people close by will find your business more easily and advertise your business through local Facebook pages and popular local sites.   

Get On Social Media

I touched upon this in my last tip but let’s go a bit more in-depth, social media sites come in many forms and they can all be great ways to market your business. Don’t use them all straightaway instead focus on one or two till you’ve built up a presence.

Think about what site would best serve your business, if you’re a clothing retailer Instagram will give you a more visual based platform to work with. If you’re a tech business focusing on Facebook might be better, but whatever you do make sure you have some form of presence on social media because it will help a lot when it comes to building a digital marketing strategy.

Use Local Influencers

Whether you call them social media celebrities or not it can’t be denied that people have been able to utilise social media to market themselves very effectively. And you can use these local influencers to great effect when it comes to marketing your business.

Search by location and find the most popular people on social media who are near to you and then get in touch with them to work out an arrangement. Social media influencers can provide a big boost to your digital marketing campaign, so seek them out.

Don’t Be Lazy

Once you’ve got all your social media pages set-up the hard work isn’t over, you’ll need to constantly maintain and update them. It might sound easy, but it can be difficult to find new things to post and avoid any potential pitfalls, social media can be hard to navigate but if you want an effective digital marketing strategy you’ll need to learn how to do it. So, get a good balance of posts going every day and don’t put it off or forget about it.   

Converse With Customers

Your job isn’t complete once you post something on your social media pages or upload a blog to your website. If you want your digital marketing to succeed then you will need to converse with your customers and show you’re listening to them. Now you might not be able to do this with everyone and no one is expecting you to.

But you should respond to comments and feedback when you can. If someone posts praise about one of your products or the quality or your service on Facebook like their post and leave a quick comment thanking them. Similarly, if someone asks a question through one of you social media pages try to answer them quickly and if you use the right language you might even be able to turn a negative comment into a positive.

Have A Quality Website

Social media might be incredibly important when it comes to effective digital marketing but that doesn’t mean you can forget about your website. For many customers, this will be where they go to buy products/ services or to find out more about your business.

So, make sure it properly represents your business and don’t be afraid to go simple either you don’t have to be overly flashy just make sure it’s easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. You should also make sure it’s regularly updated a blogs section is a common sight on a business’s website for a reason.

Ensure You Can Be Contacted

This is a simple one that many businesses (even larger ones) can sometimes forget. Ensure there is an easy to find contact section on your website so anyone with any questions can get in touch. If you can you should list multiple channels like an email address, phone number, and your social media pages. Many businesses can lose potentials sales simply because a customer can’t find a way to contact them.

Build Quality Content

For my final tip one thing, every local business should remember when it comes to digital marketing is the importance of building high-quality content! Yes, local SEO and keywords are important and should be integrated into your content whenever possible, but the main focus should always be on building something interesting you can share with your audience.

You shouldn’t write solely for SEO purposes, you should write something you know your desired audience will engage with and be interested in. You can list keywords in all your content, but it won’t exactly be engaging to read will it? So, focus on the quality on the content first before thinking about local keywords and SEO.

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