iMac G3 bondi blue and B&W G3

I now have 16 fully functional Linux Mint G3's & G4's. I am giving them away to my colleagues. Thank you for each of your valuable tips and links.

You really do make the difference.
I can type the following in my sleep now:
chmod +x mint-installer

Thank you!

See my victory line (attached).

 As of today, I have given away somewhere near 40 old Macs with your lovely mint installed. Thank you for your efforts. After I posted the above "success story", I moved on to the little bondi blue iMac cubes. About 10 of them went out the door as well. I kept back 1 cube and 1 G3 tower for me to play with.
To date, I have not had one person provide feedback, therefore I can gather they either a) haven't powered their unit on or b) are enjoying it. In my profession, I hear when things do NOT work, v. when systems are smoothly purring.

I wish I taken a pic of all of the bondis lined up, but I moved them out as quickly as I had finished the setup.