Installation instructions MintPPC 11

Download the following mini.iso, depending on your computer:

G3 / G4:


Burn the iso onto a USB stick or CD and boot from it (if you don't know how to do that, see installation instructions for MintPPC 9.2.

Boot from it and at the yaboot prompt type
boot: install

Be careful which Debian mirror you chose. Some mirrors fail to install all the required software. In the USA the MSU mirror works well and In The Netherlands, has it all. You will have to find this out for yourself in other countries.

Some people reported that they could not get a working internet connection. A solution which might help is to download the first Wheezy installation CD and burn that to a CD, and follow the same instructions as for the mini.iso.

This should give you MintPPC 11 on your machine. You might have to download a working xorg.conf file. On my Radeon 9000 Pro powered G4 MDD, as well as my G3 PowerBook Pismo as well as my Nvidia GeForce powered iMac G5, I did not need such a file anymore.

There is still one thing I like to change. The login screen (gdm) comes up with an annoying beep. I will take of that later. I know the cause. For the moment, if you want to get rid of it, go to Menu->System Tools->Login Window (it takes a while to load), then click the Accessibility Tab and untick the Login Screen ready sound.

Disclaimer: MintPPC 11 is based on Debian Wheezy, which is a testing release. This means that not everything will work as well as it does in MintPPC 9. The updated instructions should work for all Macs now (26.11.2011).

People are recommended to report bug against the faulty packages in Wheezy. If people don't know how to do that, just leave a message in the MintPPC 11 forum. I will then try to see if I can reproduce the bug and file a bug report myself.


If you want to change mouse settings, you can go to Powerprefs. In Powerprefs you can also change the energy settings.