Installation MintPPC 8


Edit 27.09.2010: There is a new version available.

Install a base Debian Lenny system. I opted for the minimal iso, which one can burn to a USB stick or burn to CD. I install it this way as my experience with CDROM installations are bad. Most of the time the installer hangs on my PowerBook G3 Pismo as the CDROM cannot read some package.

1. USB base system installation
2. CDROM installation
3. Installation type
4. MintPPC installation
5. Post installation

1. USB base system installation

Download the minimal iso here. In Gparted make the USB stick empty. Find also out here what the device name is for your stick (in my case /dev/sda but it could be different). Then copy the content of the iso to the stick:

	sudo dd if=/path/to/mini.iso of=/dev/sda

Then boot from the USB if your Mac is capable of doing this. One of my Pismo is, the other not, don't ask me why. They are both the same.
Boot in open firmware by holding option+command+o+f. Then find out which is the device:

	dev / ls

You should see somewhere usb with an extra entry disk, write that number down usb19 or something in my case. Then have a look at the devalias:


Now it's either usb0 or usb1 which is associated with usb19. This is your boot device, in my case usb1. Then boot:

	boot usb1/disk@1:2,\\yaboot      (or)
	boot usb0/disk@1:2,\\yaboot

Continue with installation type.

2. CDROM installation

Burn the iso onto a CDROM and boot from it (hold C down while booting).

3. Installation type

If you type TAB, you will find several installation methods. Just hit enter, the 'install' is ok.
During the installation one is asked which Software is to be selected. Just untick the Desktop software with the space bar. We will add it ourselves later. We will eventually end up with a base system. After reboot you will be greeted with a prompt. Login and then download the mint-installer.

4. MintPPC installation

	chmod +x mint-installer

Login as root (su) with your root password. First we need to install sudo as it's not in the base install:

	apt-get install sudo

Then add yourself to the sudoers list.

	nano /etc/sudoers

then add your own username under root and copy it like it is:

	root   ALL=(ALL) ALL
	jeroen ALL=(ALL) ALL

CTRL-x and y to save. You can now logout of the root shell (CTRL-d). Start the installer as sudo.

	sudo ./mint-installer

This will install all the required packages for Linux MintPPC. If something freezes, you can always reboot and run the installer again. Just make sure that the system is 'clean', by doing:

	sudo dpkg --configure -a

You could stop the installation here to adjust the X settings, if you know of a working xorg.conf file for your type of Mac. If you don't know what to do, type "y" for reboot.

After this: reboot...

5. Post installation

NB If you see a distorted GUI, or no GUI at all, go to the MintPPC forum. We will try to solve your problem there.

The first thing you will notice is the GTK+ theme error. No problem. Just go to Preferences -> Appearance and change the window theme to "Shiki-Wise". Change the icon theme to "gnome-wise". Then go to Preferences -> Openbox Configuration Manager and select "Onyx-black" as theme. Last, remove all the packages which were needed during install in "My Documents". We now clean up the sources.list as there might be entries which are double.

	sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Now delete in the editor all entries which appear double. CTRL-x and "y" to save and exit.
Logout and login one more time and enjoy your Linux MintPPC !!!

If you have questions, remarks or suggestions, go here.