User experience on the iBook G3/300 clamshell

Didn't see a place or another post like this. I just wanted to say thank you for the work you have put into MintPPC. Our older Macs are still usable but there just isn't much out there for lower spec G3/G4 machines. I can only imagine the time you have put into getting this out to people.

As a reference for anyone wanting to install this OS, here are the specs of my iBook.

Original iBook G3 clamshell (revA with the 64MB on-board RAM)
40GB 5400RPM hard drive
12" screen with 800x600 resolution

This OS has really put some life back into my old iBook. I thought about selling it multiple times but just can't bring myself to do it. Just recently it was running Debian 5.x with Gnome but it was still very sluggish. OS 9 just wasn't a pleasant experience browsing the Internet and was WEP only. OS X Panther is a good OS but sluggish as well and Tiger using XPostFacto worked but was even more sluggish.

I was very excited when I found Mint since running Linux with a GUI on a 300MHz G3 can be a little frustrating. It did take me a couple times going through the install but it was a user error. Just make sure to read through everything and follow the steps in the install guide and it should go fairly smooth.

Overall the system is very responsive and stable.
Programs load quickly especially compared to OS X.
Boot times are great compared to other Linux distributions that I've used.
CPU utilization isn't bad but I wouldn't recommend more than 2 programs open at one time.
RAM utilization is surprising. The 320MB I have installed is more than enough for my needs.
Browsing the Internet isn't bad using Epiphany even with the low resolution of my screen.

With the help of the posts on this forum I have been able to get everything installed and have it connected to my wireless network using WPA. Initially it would not connect to anything other than an open network. There are a couple small items to take care of still but for the most part it is running like a new laptop. It has a new lease on life now. So it looks like the ole' Blueberry will stay a part of the family for some time to come.

When I get a chance I will test an install on a G3 PowerMac B&W with an upgraded 900MHz CPU and a 733MHz G4 PowerMac Quicksilver.