6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in SEO

You probably have heard of search engine optimization before. It is a digital marketing strategy that helps you build your online presence in the search engine results. With consumers shifting to online transactions, businesses have started integrating search engine optimization in their marketing strategies. According to Market Drive (2016), 82% of businesses report that SEO is significantly becoming more effective than any internet strategies.


Why do you need to invest in SEO?


It is effective

Let’s start by saying that SEO simply works. In a study by imFORZA, 75% of internet users do not turn to page two in searching for products and services. This means that they open sites that are on the first page. How do you land on the first page? SEO is the answer. Through search engine optimization, you can bring your website or social media page on top of the search engine results.


It makes you credible

SEO helps you gain a healthy ranking in search engine results. It does not just increase your visibility online but it also adds your credibility. Why? In a study conducted by Brafton, 50% of users are more likely to click a result if the website or the brand appears multiple times in the SERPs. This means that users trust websites that appear on the first page.


It increases your traffic

Basically, the primary goal of SEO is to boost traffic to your website. Remember, 300% of online traffic comes from search engines. This means most people use search engines to look for products, services, and businesses. According to Marketing Sherpa, SEO has increased blog traffic by as much as 2,000%. Quality content helps shape their SEO strategy.


It is done by your competitors

Another valid reason why you should not ignore SEO is that your competitors are already doing it. Are you going to compete with them or let them take the majority share of the traffic? Of course, you have to exceed their marketing efforts. If you ignore SEO, the more their websites will appear on top of search engine results while you remain in oblivion.


It is cost-effective

Search engine optimization does not significantly affect your marketing budget. Traditional advertising and other digital marketing strategies are costly. In SEO, you can work it on your own by creating quality content. Indeed, it is one of the rawest digital marketing strategies that can help you increase sales and provide you a high return on investment.


It is timeless

Lastly, SEO is timeless. Despite the ever-changing marketing trends, SEO will always be there. As long as Google still exists and people still search, SEO will never die. The only changes in SEO are the techniques and algorithms to maintain your ranking. As a marketer, you need to spot on some changes and trends to keep a healthy ranking.

SEO has been around for two decades already. It’s not yet too late for you and your business. Invest in SEO and be relevant.

info1 - 6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in SEO
Infographic by: willmullins.com.au

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