5 Tips to Promote Business through Social Media

Social media has been dominating the online world. Based on the 2017 statistics, there are more than two billion social media users around the world. By 2020, it is expected to exceed the three billion mark. No wonder why businesses start to explore the potential of social media in promoting their brand.

In a study conducted by Facebook, there are more than 50 million small businesses that are using Facebook pages to instantly connect with their customers. Definitely, social media is changing the game of marketing.

In this article, let us teach you how to make the most of social media in marketing your products and services.

Explore all social networks

31 - 5 Tips to Promote Business through Social Media
Make an account for every social network available – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Each social media platform has its varied strengths. Also, there are different approaches in these networks in terms of content creation. If you want a widespread reach, take advantage of Facebook that has over two billion users. If you are fond of taking aesthetic photos, use Instagram.


Be consistent

32 - 5 Tips to Promote Business through Social Media
It is a must that you update your followers and subscribers with daily content. You need to be consistent in feeding new posts or photos to your consumers. You can sync your social media accounts to your blog site to share new posts. But simply, you can post new content every day, even a simple status, snap, or tweet.


Connect with consumers

33 - 5 Tips to Promote Business through Social Media
Social media has messaging features that allow you to communicate with consumers. This redefines how businesses connect to people. In this case, you need to be very responsive to their queries or feedbacks. Apart from the messenger, you can also respond to their status, tweets, or comments.


Track Engagement

35 - 5 Tips to Promote Business through Social Media

One of the marketing mistakes of most businesses is that they forget to track the results of their efforts. Social media platforms have integrated tools that can help you measure or evaluate the customer engagement. For example in Facebook, it has analytics tool that can tell how engaged are users to your post.


Take advantage of influencers

34 - 5 Tips to Promote Business through Social Media
Influencers are widespread in the social media world. They are social media stars who can help you promote your products and services. In a survey conducted by Tomoson, they found out that businesses earn $6.50 for every dollar they spent on influencers.

What social network do you use for your business?

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