7 Amazing Features of Google AdWords You Need to Know

Search engine optimization (SEO) has always been a part of the marketing strategy for most businesses. But there is a relatively new strategy that is challenging SEO – the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. PPC is a form of internet advertising in which the business only pays for the platform once their ad is clicked.

The most popular PPC platform is AdWords by Google. As a matter of fact, Google is the largest online display ad network, reaching 80% of global internet users. With this, many businesses now are exploring the potential of AdWords. 72% of PPC marketers plan to increase their AdWords budget.

AdWords has so many features to improve your PPC campaign. Every year, there are new changes. This year, let us know the features of Google AdWords.

11 - 7 Amazing Features of Google AdWords You Need to Know
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Device Adjustments

Advertising target has become diverse, especially in terms of the devices used by the consumers. Google AdWords allows advertisers to bid separately on smartphones, tablet, and computer devices. As we all know, the advertising trends on these devices are different. Not all marketing campaigns are optimized for mobile. This is a relief for advertisers especially for their campaigns that are weak in either one of the three devices.


Expanded Texts

Google AdWords now allows longer text ads and even a double headline. Basically, headlines have 25 characters only. Now, it has been expanded to 30 characters. It can also be divided into two headlines. Moreover, the display URL can be customized unlike before where there were mismatches between the URLs and displays.


Demographic Targeting

AdWords also allow you to narrow down or broaden your reach. They have a demographic targeting feature which gives you the ability to increase or decrease targeting in terms of ages or genders. This option is a big advantage for businesses with small or large target audiences.


Price Display

Google also rolled our price extensions for all devices. Basically, this feature allows you to display the price of your products and services, including a brief description.


Life Events Targeting

A breakthrough feature in Google AdWords is the Consumer Patterns and Life Events. In this option, advertisers can reach an audience through their life events. The audience is limited to searchers who are signed into Google. Their life events will be determined through their search histories and online transactions.


Surveys 360

Surveys 360 redefines digital marketing as it allows users to create a survey in order to find a specific audience across the web. This feature promises to make A/B testing much easier as the first-hand data come from the customers themselves.


AMP Landing Pages

Google finds out that more users now are discouraged to access a site because of its unresponsiveness. Google comes up with AMP landing pages to improve page speed. These ads can load five times faster than regular display ads. This feature is perfect for mobile campaigns.

What do you like the most about Google AdWords?

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